Target Industry Client Leads Generation Service

This service is designed for new self-employed accountants and small firms





How it works!     

This group of accountants would tell us what industry they wish to target so as to build as their specialized service delivery marketplace

This type of targeted leads generation marketing and promotion can also extend to postal or zip code area specialization.

Client Service Management Available

This group of clients can sign up for the full CSM services that will give them the opportunity to operate their accounting practice without having to hire and train in-house administrative staff to handle the following client service management tasks

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  • We would research the source and quality. 

  • With your approval, we purchase the approved list

  • Next, we do a targeted email campaign and a leads acquisition follow-up to those that respond to the email and qualify them as ready to sign or future potential clients, if applicable

  • After that we analyse and target all successful message delivery and set them in the ready to call database.

  • We provide you with the database to allow you to decide if you would like to do the required cold calls to contact and convert them to clients

  • However, after your review you can assign the list back to us to make the required sales calls.

  • Next, we create a Tele-Sales Script for your approval

  • Once we have your script approval, we assign a group of leads generation specialist to make the calls, with the objective to generate two lists from the successful calls

  • One list will be ready clients that we handed over to you to begin providing services

  • The second list will be made up of potential clients with you as the leads owner when they convert. 

  • For this group of potential clients, we register them into our content marketing system to receive monthly or quarterly articles or newsletters you write, as well as from other accountants listed in our directories of accountants.

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